Commercial Construction Companies in Cleveland | Craven Construction

Craven is one of the top commercial construction companies in Cleveland and surrounding areas.  Our team has earned a strong reputation within the industry for excellence and integrity.  We are always striving to create the best process for design and construction.  Additionally, Craven prides ourself on thorough communication.  We offer our clients a reliable point of contact throughout the entirety of their project.

Craven project management style masters flexibility and innovation. For projects of all sizes, our team stays on within the timeline and the budget. Regardless of the industry and project size, count on Craven for your next commercial construction plan.

Wide Range of Markets and Capabilities

No matter the enterprise, Craven designs and delivers a superior end-project for our clientele.  Our team recognizes the vision and business goals of our clients.  Then, we help achieve that vision by designing a building that will help it thrive.

When it comes to experience, we have it.  As a growing Commercial Construction Company in Cleveland, Craven works with diverse projects and industries.  This includes education, healthcare, industrial, and multi-home facilities, auto dealerships, and historic renovations.  Last but not least, Craven is best known for our expertise when developing religious facilities.

Craven sets ourselves apart from the competition when it comes to other religious facility construction companies.  How you might ask?  Craven spends time with building committees and the boards prior to construction.  As a result, we fully understand the wants and needs of our clients.

At Craven, we believe in not just understanding the physical attributes our clients want out of a building.  We take the time to learn the purpose that the building itself will serve.  By doing so, we are able to deliver the best design possible for our clients, serving their purpose for years to come.

Craven’s Core Competencies | Ohio Commercial Construction Company

Maximize the efficiency of your project and minimize expenses with Craven Construction.  Our team works closely with our clients, offering guidance from Schematic Design all the way to the Final Project.  Craven won’t bounce you around from one project manager to the next.  As a result, we help greatly reduce the risk and frustration that is often involved in commercial construction.  Rely on our skilled team for high-quality customer service throughout the entire plan.

Craven specializes in Design Build, Preconstruction, and Construction Management and General Contracting.  These are considered to be the key elements to construction.  However, our services are inclusive.  See below for the span of our expertise.

Comprehensive Services List

  • Concept Development
  • Site Acquisition
  • Site Development
  • Design/Build
  • Estimation
  • Preconstruction
  • General Construction
  • Construction Management
  • Property Assessment
  • Green Building / LEED
  • Trade Scopes
  • Schedule Management
  • Document and Revision Control
  • Value Engineering
  • Health and Safety Management